Visualize customer experiences

All your customer journey maps, stakeholder maps and personas in one digital place.
Automatically visualized. Instantly presentable. Edit across teams.

Personas + Stakeholder maps + Journey maps = Smaply. Cloud application.

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What experts say

The tool we've all
been waiting for!

Arne Van Oosterom

Partner | DesignThinkersgroup
The Netherlands

A great tool to create professional customer journey maps at Jam speed.

Adam Lawrence & Markus Hormess

Work-Play-Experience & Instigators
of the Global Service Jam

With smaply, we can iterate so much faster. We love it! Keep it going!

Lauren Currie

Co-founder and Director of Networks
Snook, Scotland

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Agency database

Get in contact with qualified agencies that help you create outstanding experiences for your audience.

Agency database

Free print-out templates

In workshop settings the tools smaply is based on work best with pen and paper.

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Smaply team

Hello there, it's us

smaply is brought to you by Marc (numbers), Klaus (code), Jakob (look), Laura (front end) and Michael (support). We are based in Austria and Germany. Marc and Jakob published This is Service Design Thinking; a great book by the way. We promised an app when we launched the book – it became a piece of software. This is smaply.

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